Hairtwister Tutorial


Hair Twisters are two pieces; you have your spiral and a hair pin that assists in holding it in place. Hair Twisters can go anywhere in your hair. Getting the right amount of hair is an important part of putting them in properly, it is what is actually holding the hair twister in place.

1. decide where you want to have you hair twister styled into your hair
(you can take some hair from the front and some from the side back) and have it hang down the center side)

2. pull the right amount of hair apart from the rest, this is approximately a pencil width thickness. Depending on hair type you may need to adjust the amount of hair you use. fine silky hair can seem like the hair twister will slide right out. but with the right amount of hair, this won’t happen. This can take a little practice at first to learn how much hair you can use.

3. Twist the hair so it is smoothed into one piece. When twisting, pull the hair slightly in the direction it should naturally hang, this will keep you from getting any bumps.

4. Hook the first part of the spiral to the area where you want the hair twister to begin. Pinch the top of the spiral and don’t let go until the hair is completely down the center of the spiral. When wrapping the hair down, just guide the hair down the track. While holding at the top, you can’t really mess up following the hair down the twister. Do Not try to wrap the spiral around the hair, this will not be successful.

5. Once hair is completely in the spiral, grab your pin and slide it down the center of the twister. This is pushing hair outward against the metal helping to hold it in place.

6. Tug on the twister once it is in place, it should not move or slide at all. If it does, this means you need to pull out the pin, slide the twister down(this is also the way to remove the twister) , holding the same amount of hair you already have apart from the rest, just add a little more and re wrap the spiral and pin.

4" Fairy Hairtwisters


Giveaways and Updates

Hey friends!

We have not posted on our blog in a while because we have been so busy with so much that has been going on! We have been busy adding more product to our online store and have been on the road for trade shows. We want to thank everyone who we met on the road. You guys gave us lots of great feedback and we are constantly inspired by the way you guys make our items looks so great!

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We have also been lucky to have Teething Bling run an awesome giveaway on their facebook page.

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